DEsign Driven innovation and sustAinability in grassroots sport cLUbS


The project scope is promoting design driven innovation and sustainability in grassroots sport clubs both facilities and activities.

 Project aims at:

    • tackling the challenge of improving sustainability in grassroots sport clubs, by actuating an experimental open innovation environment at pilot sport clubs (In Italy, Portugal, and Turkey), where young designers, students of architecture meet sport managers and together co-create feasible solutions
    • providing sport clubs managers and owners with design driven innovation approaches to face daily sustainable challenges, with very limited financial resources
    • giving designers the opportunity to make themselves known by their community and potential future customers, demonstrating that civic and sporting participation also represents a lever for the growth of skills and work inclusion

DEsign Driven innovation and sustAiability in grassroots sport cLUbS



Latest news from the Project

Dedalus Workshop held in Malatya, Türkiye

On June 15, our project partner from Turkey, the Sports Ambassadors Association, met with Physical Education teachers, Architects and Sports Club Managers

Even in Impulse Gym of Lousada, Portugal

On 23 June, the Municipal Children’s Day Party took place in Lousada (Porto), with the organisation of different sporting and recreational activities at the fairground

Dedalus presentation in Lousada, Portugal

On 31 May, the Municipality of Lousada (Porto) presented the Dedalus project to the participants invited to participate in the project’s activities.


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